I’m Über

Über – “being a superlative example of its kind or class: super.”

It is with little arrogance that I chose this blog’s title. This project is an exercise in manifestation designed to better inform my practice of helping others through, among other tools, the cultivation of mindfulness and the reinforcing power of habit. I have been a social worker since 2002 and and received my LCSW in 2006. Recently I have experienced a decline into the proverbial rut and believe that the answer to this dilemma will be to revisit and actively pursue the sincerity and compassion that have marked the most rewarding periods of my career and life in general. I expect things to get hairy and plan to never shy away from my experiences whilst putting them into writing using this platform. If you choose to come along for the ride I can promise you that there will be no shortage of interesting phenomena. Such things are, to the contrary, a remarkably renewable resource for us social workers and helpers. Please come back as I will be blogging regularly. The game is afoot.